[Pre-order] Son Goku | 20th Film Edition | Dragon Ball Super Movie

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Note: This is a Pre-order item. Payment will be made in full and will guarantee the item shipment upon our collection of Son Goku, (in the case of limited shipment we will refund order). This item is a special Pre-order item only. Deadline January 30, 2019. Please expect shipment during February 2019.

Son Goku is our protector of Earth as it being threatened by the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly! Be sure to grab one now before it is sold out and the value sky rockets!

Son Goku is part of the limited Ultimate Soldiers edition to celebrate the newest 2019 Dragon Ball Super Movie featuring the grand battle of Broly vs our favorite saiyan warriors, Goku and Vegeta!

Son Goku Details:

  • Son Goku is approx. 8" in height, it is a good size figure