Super Saiyan Vegeta Bandai Figure-Rise | Dragon Ball Super

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The prideful Super Saiyan Vegeta joins the battle!

Vegeta parts:

1. The eagerly-awaited Super Saiyan Vegeta appeared! -
- [Normal] two types of face parts are included in the [anger].
- Showcasing anger and rage faceplates

2. The Big Bang attack at the effect parts [Android ed.], Comes with a final flash.
- Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Trunks (sold separately) and Android 18 (sold separately), you try to recreate the battle scene in combination with cell (full body) (sold separately)!

- Special Moves effect two (final flash, Big Bang attack) × each 1
And facial expression parts two (usually, anger) × each 1
· Wrist parts six (left and right grip hand, left and right final flash hand, left and right hand Big Bang) × each 1