Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku Bandai Figure-Rise | Dragon Ball Super

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According to Gokū, Super Saiyan Blue is the combination of strength with a calm mind and proper ki control. It is a natural evolution of the Super Saiyan God form, which uses godly ki as the basis for the transformation. This form also surpasses the previous God form in power.

Model Kit Parts:
- Super Saiyanjin God The blue shining head of the super saiyan 's character is reproduced with metallic molding color!
- Two types of [normal] and [scream] are attached to the expression part.
- The effect part comes with two kinds of [Kamehame Wave (for)] and [Kamehame Wave (Release)].
- A new wheel seal attached to reproduce the [Satoru] mark of the bodice worn in the play.
- Accessories: Two Moves of Special Moves Effect (Kamehame Waves (because), Kamehame Waves (Liberation)) × 1 each, 2 expression parts (normal, cry) × 1 each, 5 types of wrist parts (hand grip hands, Left / right Kamehame wave hand, instant hand move) × 1 each, Effect Pedestal × 1