MG Super Saiyan Son Goku | Master Grade 1/8 Scale Bandai Figure-Rise | Dragon Ball Z Kai

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The brave hero, Son Goku, ascends his Saiyan-base form by achieving Super Saiyan during his legendary battle with Frieza.

MG SSJ Son Goku parts:

  • As the 2nd vol. of MG FIGURE-RISE, [Super Saiyan Son Goku] has arrived!!
  • The torn outfit has been realistically reproduced. Beautifully detailed torn and distressed details on the torn apparel of Son Goku. 
  • You can change the expression by swapping the hand and face parts.
  • With the overwhelming poseability, you will be able to create a great range of poses from the animation! Comes with a custom display stand, allowing you to create poses in mid-air.
  • Accessories: Facial Expression parts x2, Hand parts x2, Display Stand x1