Namekian Piccolo Bandai Figure-Rise | Dragon Ball Super

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The proud dad of Gohan comes alive in the world of Dragon Ball, Piccolo. 

"He may be your father, but I'm your daddy!" - Piccolo (Head Canon)

Namekian Piccolo parts:

    • From “Dragon Ball Z”, the teacher of Gohan finally arrives!
    • Piccolo’s unique colored body features complete color separation in the arms via the Muscle Build Up System that allows seamless assembly of organic subjects.
    • Piccolo’s signature cape and turban are included and can be displayed with or without thanks to part swapping. Screaming, neutral face swaps are included along with different hand gestures for performing various martial arts poses.
    • Piccolo’s Makankosappo (Special Beam Cannon) energy attack is given physical form via a unique effect part and stand.
    • As a bonus, SS1 hair for Gohan (BAN209061) to be displayed in his first Super Saiyan form are included! Runner x 10, Sticker x 1, Instruction Manual. Approximately 6 inches tall.