[Pre-Order] Super Saiyan Son Goku Bandai Figure-Rise | Dragon Ball Z Kai

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IMPORTANT: This is a deposit for the pre-order of Super Saiyan Goku Figure Rise action figure. The deposit cost will $5 from the final purchase sale price of $34. You will be invoiced the rest of the payment along with shipment at the time of release. Please note that deposit are non-refundable. Item will be estimated to release in July 2018.

Super Saiyan Goku ascends his base stage by going gold.

SSJ Goku parts:

  • Runner x6, Sticker x1  Approximately 6" tall
  • Includes different hand parts for various martial arts poses, and 2 types of Kamehameha effect parts with stand, and one powering up facial expression!
  • Product Bears Official Bluefin Distribution Logo